Hurricane 2 Canless Air System

Hurricane 2 Canless Air SystemCanned air is something other may find some use in one way or another. Some people use it to beat the heat. Nerds use it to clean up computer parts or keyboards. Well, even hairdressers can use canned air as a substitute for the hair dryer. Even with its many uses, canned air can sometimes pose a danger to the environment. Most disposable aerosol types contain pollutants that can cause harm to the environment. For those looking for a more eco-friendly alternative, the Hurricane 2 Canless Air System may be the better choice.

The Hurricane 2 Canless Air System offers a more sustainable alternative to using canned air. Instead of disposable aerosol types, you can use the H2 again and again without throwing it away after all the air is used up. The H2 Canless Air System is reusable with its powerful motorized air compressor that can produce a blast of air at a strength of 200 mph. The Hurricane 2 Canless Air System comes with NiMH batteries that can provide up to 15 minutes of continuous blast of air for every full charge. That is equivalent to 25 cans of canned air. Users only need to recharge the H2 to replenish.

The Hurricane 2 Canless Air System is ideal for computer nerds, PC gamers or clean freaks who like to keep their computers and other gadgets clean. It is also good for campers when starting a fire. The Hurricane 2 Canless Air System is also ideal for handcrafters and woodworkers. This eco-friendly canned air alternative is available at Think Geek for $80.

Image Source: Think Geek

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