Hunter Fanaway Retractable Blade Ceiling Fan

While not all devices are designed for having a better function, adding some new style feature does indeed make them more unique. That unique feature can sometimes make them stand out. The same can be said with the Hunter Fanaway Ceiling Fan.

While the Hunter Fanaway does a function like any other ceiling fan out there, its unique design makes it somehow interesting. It features clear retractable blades that come out when used through simple centrifugal force. When they spin, the clear blades seem invisible, making them less of a distraction when being used. When switched off, the blades automatically retract and are concealed and becomes a unique pendant light.

Another thing about the Hunter Fanaway is that it is made of recyclable materials, uses low-energy lighting and an energy efficient design. What may be the only bad point with this ceiling fan is that it is quite expensive at US$559. You can head on to the Hunter site to further check it out.

Image Source: Hunter

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