Hummer HX Concept

Hummer HX

The year of 2008 is considered as the "green year" for automobiles. You have so many cars that are hopping on the environmental-friendly bandwagon. However, if you’re an owner of a Hummer, you might have a hard time imagining how the company will come up with a "green car". You need to stop imagining and start believing this 2008 because Hummer came out with a new Hummer HX concept car.

Hummer delivered their concept car to three fresh design grads and they were able to come out with a more compact and petite Hummer. The new Hummer is also E-85 flex fuel-based which is a standard that every other car manufacturer is adhering to.

The new Hummer HX has the same capabilities of the old Hummers that you’ve all grown to love such as the approach, ground clearance and overall performance. You won’t be missing a lot except the size. Other than that, you’re all set to ride in this new Hummer-that is, until it comes into production.

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