Huddle Mini Metropolis Bulb

Light always has that attractive feature that gets people to notice. Shining brightly in a certain area can sometime be enough for people to look at the source. And if it is the Huddle Mini Metropolis Bulb, looking a bit closer at the source will give someone a big surprise.

The Huddle Mini Metropolis Bulb is designed with a modern cityscape that seems to burst right out of the light bulb. It is designed by artist David Graas using a 3D printer. It makes use of a 5 watt LED bulb in order to prevent heat from possibly melting the cityscape bursting from the bulb itself. It is designed more to offer a surprising visual effect than it is to provide efficient lighting in the room. That is why its 185 Euros or US$240 price tag can only be justified by calling it an art piece rather than just a unique light bulb. Interested parties can check the Huddle Mini Metropolis Bulb out at David Graas website if ever such art is found to be quite something to behold.

Image Source: David Graas

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