Huawei trademarks “groufie”

Groufie: The next social media buzz word

Groufie: The next social media buzz word

Apart from introducing its Ascend P7, Huawei has announced it has trademarked what could be the next social media buzzword: the “groufie.”

Short for “group selfie,” a groufie is a selfie involving multiple people (with one of the them holding the camera, just like in any selfie). While taking selfies with a friend or two has been around for ages, the trend definitely picked up after Ellen DeGeneres took a group selfie with a bevy of Hollywood celebrities during this year’s Oscars.

While Huawei may have trademarked groufie, the #groufie hashtag has also been around Instagram and Facebook before the company’s announcment. Nevertheless, the world’s third-largest smartphone manufacturer hopes the groufie trend would help them stabilize its footing in the lucrative US and European markets.

Huawei currently has 4.9-percent share in the global smartphone market, making it ahead of Lenovo and LG yet lagging behind Samsung and Apple.

Source: CNBC

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