HTC Unveils The HTC Grip Fitness Tracker

HTC GripFitness trackers seem to be a trendy gadget nowadays. People who like to get and stay fit have this need to monitor their progress or if they are doing little or enough on a regular basis. Fitness trackers provide them with the information they need. The accompanying apps then provide other features that will help them improve or become more efficient. It is no wonder why many gadget makers are now focusing on introducing more of such gadgets in the market. For one, HTC has recently introduced its smart fitness tracker, the HTC Grip.

The HTC Grip is a contoured and waterproof wristband that works as a high performance fitness tracker. This is HTC’s first foray into the fitness tracker market. The company even collaborated with Under Armour to offer one of the best fitness-tracking devices in the market. The HTC Grip features a curved PMOLED display that makes it easy to read fitness data and view notifications from the device even when on the move. It comes equipped with a number of sensors to collect performance data. The device also comes with GPS-enabled features to help keep track of a user’s location, distance travelled, pace, calories burned as well as other related data. The HTC Grip also helps keep track with sleep patterns and quality. With its partnership with Under Armour, the HTC Grip is powered exclusively by UA Record, the fitness app that collects all the data from the HTC Grip to determine performance and activity goals. The fitness tracker is also compatible with Bluetooth-enabled accessories such as heart-rate monitors. With its 100 mAh battery, the HTC Grip can last up to 2.5 days on a single charge, which makes it ideal for daily tracking. Users can also use it to get notifications of messages and calls when paired with a compatible iOS or Android device. The HTC Grip is expected to be available sometime this spring for $199.

Image Source: HTC

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