HTC Touch Viva

HTC Touch Viva

The HTC Touch Viva is the new offering from the relatively new player in the smart phone market, HTC. The Viva is actually the next thing going for the company’s HTC Touch line of smart phones. Once rumored to be the Opal while in development status, the HTC Touch Viva is said to be the more affordable version of the HTC Touch line of smart phones to come out.

With most smart phones considered high end and not the mobile phone for most people, the HTC Touch Viva aims to change that. The Viva can be well about the smart phone for people where the smart phone may just be emerging.  

The HTC Touch Viva is the simpler and downsized version of the Touch line of mobile phones. It is not equipped for 3G Internet use, but it has all the other important features that the previous Touch tries to market.

One is the TouchFlo interface, which allows access to the menu by dragging the finger on the display screen from left to right. It is also equipped with a 2 megapixel camera and can access the Internet through its WiFi connectivity. It can be a pretty good back up phone to have.

Image Source: HTC

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