HTC Touch Cruise

HTC Touch Cruise

Handheld mobile gadgets are getting better and better everyday. A good example would be the HTC Touch Cruise. This mobile phone is quite filled with features that would interest avid gadget lovers. Although quite compact at first glance, the HTC Touch Cruise has a number of great features that would easily make it quite interesting enough to check out.

One of the great features of the HTC Touch Cruise is the innovative TouchFLO interface. Navigating the menu of this phone becomes quite interesting enough on its own. Ordinary finger gestures allow the phone user to browse through messages, emails, files, and web pages, making navigation quite easy enough at the touch of a finger. The TouchFLO technology allows finger touch zooming, scrolling and panning.

The HTC Touch Cruise is also equipped with GPS functionality that allows users to quickly find the fastest route to a desired location. This function also allows users to locate different area landmarks and establishments such as restaurants, hotels and other services along the way. Traffic updates allow users to stay away from traffic jams and consider less crowded routes to a destination.


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