HTC RE Camera

HTC RECameras nowadays come in different shapes and forms. There is the typical DSLR for high quality picture shoots. There is also the smartphone camera for convenient selfies and photo sharing. Then there is also the action camera, which functions to capture action shots. For the latter type, HTC introduces a new and unique type of action camera in the form of the HTC RE Camera.

The HTC RE Camera is unique in terms of design and functional features. It looks like a pipe with one end bent at a 90-degree angle. At the end of this bend is the camera lens while at the bent portion features the camera button. The HTC RE comes with a 16MP sensor and a 146-degree ultra wide-angle lens. It can also record videos in 1080p HD at 30 fps. This camera also comes with a built-in grip sensor that automatically turns on the camera when a user grips the device for use. Its 820mAh battery is good for taking 1,200 photos or an hour and a half of continuous recording of Full HD video. The HTC RE Camera also comes with an internal 256MB of DDR RAM 32MB ROM and offers microSD card support for additional storage space for pictures and action videos.

The HTC RE also features Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and is also waterproof to function in both dry and wet weather. The simplicity in terms of function makes the HTC RE an interesting camera to bring along anywhere you go. The new HTC RE Camera is expected to be available sometime at the end of the month for around $200.

Image Source: Re Camera

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