HTC One M8 smartphone now available in US

HTC One M8 smartphone

HTC One M8 smartphone

HTC has had smartphones that missed the mark, and they hope their latest device would be “the one” to reverse the company’s fortunes. The 5-inch HTC One M8 boasts of premium features, including a dual rear camera for added depth in your selfies and a battery life that is 40% longer than its predecessor, the One M7.

The new smartphone, which runs on Android 4.4, is now available exclusively at Verizon Wireless physical stores for $200 and a two-year contract. The carrier also offers two HTC One M8’s for the price of one, just with two separate contracts.

Other carriers will start offering the latest HTC smartphone starting April 10. HTC hopes that the grace period has given its flagship phone enough push before Samsung whips out its Galaxy S5 smartphone the next day.

HTC Americas President Jason Mackenzie even threw a bit of shade against other smartphone makers, saying it is not his company’s style to “launching a plastic phone and throwing a few dimples on the back and maybe a software gimmick or two and then masking it asll with expensive advertising.”

“We’re about delivering innovation–the world’s best innovation–and the maximum value into customer’s hands,” Mackenzie added.

The HTC One M8 also sports a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor, a new Sense 6 user interface, and a case that is over 90% metal. The phone’s dual rear cameras, meanwhile, allow users to decide which part of the photo should be out of focus.

Source: Computerworld

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