HTC Magic

HTC Magic

HTC is set to unveil its latest smartphone in Europe, with Vodafone being the lucky carrier.  Touted as the world’s first touchscreen-only phone that works on Android, the HTC Magic aims to grab attention with its chic design and advanced features.  For one, it has a suite of Google-enabled services from Gmail to Google Search and Google Maps. 

The services provided by Google can be very much useful to the very social and well-traveled individual like you.  Tell your friends of a hip club in Cardiff that you found on Google Search, or search the streets of Paris without actually getting there but just simply using Google Map’s Street View.

The HTC Magic also supports applications that customize the phone according to your lifestyle.  You can turn your phone either into a social phone that uploads your videos with friends straight to YouTube or Facebook, or your mobile shopping companion as you browse for the best deals in Twilight novels using the Barcode Scanner application, a travel buddy as you read the reviews on different hotels, or your mobile arcade where you can play a variety of fun games.

This phone runs on a high-speed 3.5G network connection and is also capable of Wi-Fi technology with seamless transition to open networks.  It also has a 3.2 megapixel color camera with auto focus (but without flash), expandable memory using microSD, G1-style trackball, and support for Bluetooth wireless stereo headsets.  But the centerpiece of HTC Magic is its touch-screen capabilities.  The 3.2-inch screen has HVGA resolution that brings images to its most vibrant.  However, there is only one gripe that many users complain about:  how HTC does not provide a standard headphone jack to all of its mobile phones.  Instead, the HTC Magic has a propriety headphone jack.

Vodafone will release HTC Magic on March 2009.  Prices depend on country of purchase and the contract with mobile carrier.

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