The HTC HD Mini is a recent smart phone release that seems to pack quite a punch. The name itself may already give you an idea that it is quite a compact and slim smart phone. But the features of this new HTC smart phone may quite impress because its small size tend to give you an idea that it might just be so-so.

The HTC HD Mini packs a lot of features in its compact and slim size. Suffice to say that it is how the trend goes nowadays- who gets the most features in the smallest possible design wins. And the HTC HD Mini does just that. The HTC features a 3.2 inch capacitive touch screen HVGA display, a 5 megapixel digital camera, 3G and Wi-Fi capable, Bluetooth connectivity, internal GPS along with a host of other features.

This compact smart phone runs on Windows Mobile and can be conveniently used to go online or as a capable smart phone with various features associated with phones of its kind. All of these crammed in a compact yet beautiful phone that weighs only 110 grams including the battery. The HTC HD Mini may be made available in Europe sometime in April. Other markets would then follow suit. No news yet on how much it would cost though.

Image Source: HTC

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