HTC Capacitive Stylus for HD2 Released

HTC capacitive stylus for HD2

Smartphone junkies agree that HTC has got to be one of the best brands there is, providing the most user-friendly touchscreen phones such as the HD2.  However, with its capacitive touchscreen display, it is hard to navigate the phone while wearing gloves.

Thankfully, HTC has thought of that, as they introduce in Europe its official capacitive stylus.  It does not appear like a pen unlike ordinary styli, but it features a curved tip, perhaps to simulate touching the screen using your nails (which I often do).

The HTC capacitive stylus is a hot issue across the pond as its official British retailer is out of stock, but at least you can try it out over at for only £17.36, including taxes.

Image source:  DeviceWire

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