HP Z400 Workstation

HP Z400 Workstation

The HP Z400 Workstation is the popular company’s offer as an entry level workstation PC for this year. It is the most basic of HP’s new Z Workstation series. All the Z line workstation desktops make use of the new Intel Xeon processor as well as a host of other new innovations such as the self-checking power supply feature.

Along with this new HP workstation line, the Z400 has an updated chassis design that also makes use of quiet acoustics allowing the system to work silently even when bearing heavy operating loads. It makes use of HP’s WattSaver, an energy saving feature that helps the workstation consume lesser energy in off or standby mode. It is more serviceable since it uses a tool-less chassis, making it easier to open when instant repairs are needed. Better internal design with a cable-less environment makes it also easier to access and change components when required.

And since it is a workstation, it is quite capable of doing graphics heavy design work with its new Intel Xeon processors. Graphics are provided by the newest NVIDIA and ATI graphics components. The HP Z400 Workstation also is quite attractive as an entry level workstation with its price starting at US$970.

Image Source: HP

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