HP TouchSmart IQ816

HP TouchSmart IQ816

The HP TouchSmart IQ816is an all-in-one PC that may be quite unique in itself. First of all, it is probably one of the only few newer PC models out there that features a touch screen display. Yes, the HP TouchSmart IQ816 is a PC with a touch-based screen.

Not a lot of PC’s you find today may have such a feature. But it is something that HP might be trying to explore. Just like typical PC’s today, the specs are considered pretty good- 2.1 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 4GB 800MHz DDR2 memory, 512 MB Nvidia GeForce graphics card and a 750GB hard drive among other things. But what might interest its users will be its touch screen functions that may be a quite unique experience even for those who have grown accustomed to other touch screen displays.

The touch-based screen of the HP TouchSmart IQ816 allows for added functions that may be absent in other standard PC’s. Icons on the screen may be accessed with a mere touch. Scrolling up and down display may also be done the same way. These functions can make using a computer mouse not so convenient anymore. Imagine how this touch screen interface can make it more convenient using the PC as a media tool? It somehow does quite appeal a lot to the senses. It is available at HP for US$2,099.

Image Source: HP


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