HP TouchSmart 310 PC

With touchscreens now becoming more common in portable gadgets nowadays, it would only take some time before this features may also be available on PC’s. In fact, PC’s with touchscreen displays are already out in the market. One such example is the new HP TouchSmart 310 PC.

The HP TouchSmart 310 PC is an all-in-one PC that features a touchscreen display. Aside from its powerful specs and features, its main selling point is really its multi-touch feature, thanks to the TouchSmart software. This allows the display to be transformed into a “Magic Canvas” that allows users to freely drag applications, photos and other files by a simple touch of the finger on the screen. It combines this feature with an elegant design highlighted by a 20-inch HD display with the CPU already integrated within the monitor. The HP TouchSmart 310 PC is available at HP and costs around US$700 for the AMD processor model.

Image Source: HP

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