HP to Transfer Notebook Production to Japan

While almost every company in the world scramble to have their products manufactured in China, HP takes on a different route. The Japanese business newspaper The Nikkei has reported that the California-based company is planning to bring part of its notebook production from China to Japan. HP plans to eventually make all computers for sale in Japan in factories in Akishima.

In preparation for such a giant leap in manufacturing, HP plans on hiring 50% more workers in Akishima, bringing the number of employees to 450. This is despite Japan’s labor costs are about four times higher than in China. The move is apparently brought by HP’s plan to increase efficiency, be closer to the Japanese market, pride its “made-in-Japan” tagline, and reduce delivery times to Japanese business customers.

HP is currently ranked 5th in PC sales in Japan for 2010, with a 10-percent market share.

Source: CrunchGear

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