HP Sprout Desktop Computer

HP SproutMost people think that desktops are slowly going obsolete. After all, most people may prefer using laptops or portable gadgets such as smartphones and tablets as primary devices. Desktops lose out because people can only use them in one area. With more and more people becoming mobile and always on the go, desktops are used less and less in the process. But far from becoming obsolete, desktops only need a different tweak to make them interesting again. HP may have done just that with its new HP Sprout desktop computer.

The HP Sprout is something that you do not always get from a company like Hewlett Packard. But this desktop is something that might revolutionize and rethink what people can do with the desktop. The HP Sprout may not be the typical desktop you may be accustomed to using. It features a unique 14 MP depth-sensing 3D camera fixed on top of the display that also projects a virtual display on the touch mat placed before it. The touch mat not only acts as a second display for the HP Sprout, it also provides a means that you can interact with the device in many innovative ways. The touch mat can become a virtual keyboard or touch screen or even a virtual canvas for digital painters. Using specialized apps, HP Sprout users can manipulate, adjust or move objects from the main display to the touch mat. The 3D camera can also act as a scanner that can scan any 3D objects placed before it and process it as a 3D object into your computer.

The innovative features of the HP Sprout can provide new and exciting ways  people can use a desktop. This device currently runs using Windows PC with custom software added to provide for its many interesting functions. It also comes with a 23-inch 1080p monitor. This all-in-one desktop is available for pre-sale at $1,899. The units start shipping first week of November this year.

Image Source: Sprout HP

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