HP Slate Prototype Exposed

A prototype of the HP Slate has been found being used by a user on YouTube named x313xkillax. Although there have been doubts about the authenticity of the device being used, some tech bloggers claim that it could be the real deal.

The video, which was shot using an iPhone, details what to expect on this upcoming tablet computer, starting from its exterior that features a back-facing camera, a rubbery back cover, a SD card slot, USB port, volume control buttons, integrated microphone, a specialized CTRL+ALT+DEL key, and a button for the on-screen keyboard to appear on the touch screen.

The hands-on then shows how quick the HP Slate loads up once it is turned on. The user also tests how fast the device would go online, the Windows 7 OS, and the responsiveness of the touchscreen. The version of the Internet Explorer browser on the Slate also integrates gestures as part of its commands. A simple swipe to the right, for instance, would lead you back to the previous page.

You can check out the whole video clip here.

Source: Engadget

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