HP Shows Off Its Slate Tablet with Flash and AIR

The lack of Flash and Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) in iPad is Apple’s Achilles heel.  And to add insult to injury, HP is showing off its upcoming tablet that features Flash and AIR.

In response to the iPad’s advertisement that was seen during this year’s Academy Awards, the Windows 7-based Slate was presented by playing full episodes of MTV’s “The City” and Flash games.  It also shows how the Slate utilizes multi-touch pinch-to-zoom functions on its capacitive touchscreen display.

The Slate also has an enhanced desktop, adding a theme with large icons as well as letting users “star” their favorite shortcuts.  It also has an additional menu bar on top of the screen and a floating keyboard that can be moved around the screen.

We still do not know about specifications, pricing, and release date of the Slate.

Source:  PC World

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