HP Probook S-Series


Hewlett Packard announced a new line of inexpensive notebook PC targeting the business professionals.  The HP Probook series is expected to become one of the most versatile business notebook portfolios in the industry.  The design of the HP Probook combines the matte and glossy surfaces while stripping out the extraneous, leaving a very minimalist look.

The standard series (or the s-series) of HP Probook models have a mercury-free design, featuring high-definition LED backlit displays with a choice between 14-inch, 15.6-inch, and 17.3-inch diagonal widescreen sizes.  Like other Probooks that will be developed, the s-series is distinguished by a unique keyboard design and a set of professional innovations previously found only on higher-priced models.

The innovative layout of the keyboard provides a visually open and spacious appearance, with keys raised from the surface.  You can use it just like any other keyboards, only that the raised surface makes it less likely trap dirt and dust, while making it easy to clean and more maintenance free.

Some of the HP Probook models will have the latest in wireless connectivity through HP Mobile Braodband.  Using a single module, the HP un2400, the HP Probook enables to support multiple mobile broadband network technologies and mobile operators.  The s-series will also have HP QuickLook 2 software, which provides access to e-mail, calendar, task, and contact information at the touch of a button.  Meanwhile, the HP Sparekey makes the hassle of forgotten passwords less stressful by using a sequence of predetermined personal information questions to gain immediate entry to the system.

In addition, the Probook s-series has been developed for reduced impact on the environment by eliminating or reducing substances said to harm the environment, using fewer resource and consuming lesser energy.

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