HP ProBook 4310s Ultraportable Notebook Now Available

HP ProBook 4310s ultraportable notebook

Hewlett-Packard has released its "pro-level" ultraportable notebook.  The ProBook 4310s is now available, which you can custom order with your choice of Windows Vista OS, Core 2 Duo processor, Mobile Intel Express Chipset, as well as a variety of memory and storage options.

Designed for the on-the-go business people, this savvy-styled notebook comes with DDR3 system memory that transfers at twice the data rate of conventional DDR2, making it a perfect tool for your daily office applications.  The HP ProBook 4310s is also lightweight at about 4.34 pounds (1.97 kilograms), yet it can still provide an amazing browsing experience with its 13.3-inch screen.

The HP ProBook 4310s delivers refined simplicity and clean design.  It has a slim body with your choice of Merlot or Glossy Black finish, while its keyboard has a single part with key raised from the surface, making it less prone from dirt and dust to settle at the bottom.

This ultralight notebook also pack a punch when it comes to security, with its enhanced protection capabilities from HP ProtectTool to secure your data, manage passwords, and keeping your system safe from hackwares and other malicious software.  You can even include an optional HP Fingerprint Sensor for good measure.  The ProtectTool also includes Drive Encryption that encodes all information on your hard drive, making it unreadable to an unauthorized person in case your notebook becomes lost or stolen.

You can also be assured that this notebook will last for a long time.  It has been validated that HP ProBook 4310s can be used for more than 95,000 hours, with its hard drive protected against impact, bumps, and drops with the help of its three-axis accelerometer, which notifies the system software of any sudden movement and commands the hard drive to park temporarily.

Despite these advanced features, the HP ProBook 4310s is designed with ease-of-use in mind.  You can access e-mail and contact information in seconds without even booting up, helping you boost your productivity.  Its Fast Charge feature assures you of up to 90% recharge in just 90 minutes when the system is off.

You can avail your very own HP ProBook 4310s starting at $779.

Image source:  HP.com

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