HP Pavilion DV6855EA Notebook PC

HP Pavillion DV6855EA Notebook PC

The HP Pavilion DV6855EA Notebook PC is a special edition offering from Hewlett Packard for those who wish to use the laptop for entertainment purposes. And this model certainly does have the capabilities to do so. The features provided for the HP Pavilion DV6855EA Notebook PC is aimed to provide users with better entertainment experience through various media types.

The HP Pavilion DV6855EA Notebook PC runs using the Intel 2 Duo 2.1 GHz processor. This notebook also has 3072 Mb worth of RAM, more than enough to handle even the most memory hugging application smoothly. It also comes with a 250 GB worth of hard drive space, more than enough to store your library of movies, music files and even images.

This notebook also comes with a Super DVD writer equipped with Lightscribe and double layer support. The notebook also features 15.4" WXGA High Definition BrightView Wide screen display to ensure clear and better visual entertainment value. This notebook also features wireless support as well as Bluetooth connectivity if required.

Image Source: HP

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