HP Pavilion dm3t Ultraportable Laptop

HP Pavilion dm3t Ultraportable Laptop

Another awesome Christmas gift idea for your friend or loved one is HP‘s take on ultraportable laptops.  The 13-inch HP Pavilion dm3t provides a balance of performance, mobility and affordability.

The dm3t series has a wide range of options from the type of OS, Intel processor, memory, and hard drive, thereby giving you a laptop that fits your lifestyle and demands.  The base model runs on Windows 7 Home Premium OS, ultra-low-voltage Intel Celeron SU2300, 2GB DDR3 memory (with a free upgrade to 3GB), 250GB hard disk drive, and up to 10 hours of continuous battery life.  You can simply work with your HP ultraportable in normal conditions without having to worry whether you should have brought the adapter with you.

The HP Pavilion dm3t comes in a sleek aluminum chassis (which explains the 4.2 pounds of weight), a 5-in-1 digital card reader, Ethernet connectivity, hard drive protection in case of an accidental fall, Altec Lansing stereo speakers, and an integrated webcam that performs well even in low lighting conditions.

Its downside, however, is the silver-mirrored touchpad that has a slugging performance according to reviews.  Its glossy surface also makes the trackpad prone to fingerprint smudges.  This comes in contrast with the touchpad buttons, which offered a satisfactory feedback despite its narrow size.  The dm3t also has a slow cold start time, about two minutes long, and it takes 2.5 minutes to restart.

The HP Pavilion dm3t is available on its official website and other authorized resellers starting at US$599.99.  They also come with AMD-equipped processors, thus reducing the price even further, although HP claims it would sacrifice the battery life.

Image source:  HP

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