HP Mini 311

HP Mini 311

Tech reviews have been trumpeting over the HP Mini 311, saying that "it could redefine netbook."  Why you ask?  Because thanks to its Nvidia Ion LE graphics chip, this netbook has an improved graphics performance and even offers better HD video playback, which is an impossibility with other netbooks in the market today.

Laptop, the website, has given the HP Mini 311 impressive scores across the board, even earning an impressive 1,386 on the 3DMark06 test (measuring graphics performance), which is 1,200 more than the average netbook score and even reaching the same level as a MacBook Air.  Meanwhile its PCMark05 test, which measures its overall performance in Windows XP, garners a score of 1,917, almost 500 points about the netbook average.

If the early review of HP Mini 311 is already this impressive, imagine how ordinary users like us would find this netbook?

Image source:  Hewlett-Packard

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