HP Files for "Palmpad" Trademark

HP reportedly applied to the USPTO for a trademark “Palmpad” and every geek in the planet got giddy.

You see, some people still hold on to that belief that the tablet-that-never-was HP Slate will be revived as Hewlett-Packard bought Palm and its webOS technology in the process. Speculations range from kicking Windows 7 out of the Slate in favor of webOS to pitting Slate and the Palmpad against one another.

Devin Coldeway of CrunchGear could not contain his excitement. “We know webOS is a solid foundation for a tablet and we know there are smart software people at Palm and smart hardware people at HP. Their huge investment in this project suggests they understand its weight and seeing the success of the iPad has allowed them to set their sights high.”

We will keep you updated on the Palmpad. Until then!

Source: CrunchGear

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