HP Announced New Thin Client Hardware

HP t5740 Thin Client Desktop Computer

Aside from introducing new Windows 7-powered desktop computers, HP has also provided an alternative to cash-strapped users:  Low-cost thin client computers.

Unlike the traditional computers that are technically called "fat clients," thin clients depend heavily on an outside server to fulfill its computing needs, thus lowering costs, cutting energy use, and increase productivity.  This new generation of thin clients from HP consists of three models, with the first two running on Intel Atom N280 processor.  The HP t5740 (pictured) includes a Windows-embedded operating system, while the t5745 is powered by HP’s ThinPro Linux OS.  The third model, the HP t5325, is its first thin client that costs below US$200.  Small as a paperback book, the t5325 uses a mere 5 watts of power.

Both t5740 and t5745, currently available on HP.com costing US$599 each, have the power to work with high-performance protocols, much like traditional desktop computers.  And because there is a lower processor demand on thin clients, you could satisfy yourself watching movies in full screen without buffering or drag.

Meanwhile, the HP t5325 will start shipping on early December 2009, offering customers local Web access and basic multimedia support.

Image source:  HP

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