How You Can Create A Smart Home With The LG Rolling Bot 

Rolling robot

Rolling robotThere are now quite a number of robots designed for homes that are out in the market. While most of them are the cleaning kind, we will be seeing more and more robots adapting other features that will make them even become more useful around the house. While still far away from the robots from the Jetson’s, they are moving towards that goal. You do not even have to picture out a humanoid robot just to think about the possibilities. Just one look at this LG Rolling Bot and you’ll get a different perspective on how future robots may be capable of doing.

The LG Rolling Robot is a spherical, spinning robot that comes with features to make it useful around the house. Well, it can do those mundane tasks for you so you do not have to. It is quite a fun thing to look at as it goes around spinning and rolling around like a self-powered bowling ball. But there is more to it than just doing that. The LG Rolling Robot can also control other appliances in your home such as the TV or the lights. Its 8MP camera can be used to monitor your home while you are away.  With its two-way audio, users can even use it to chat with someone at home while they are away.  But unlike the popular robot vacuums, the LG Rolling Bot does not clean floors.

Users can control the LG Rolling Bot by connecting to your smartphone. It also makes use of a home WiFi connection for long-distance communication and control. This unique rolling robot recently visited the recent WMC 2016 in Barcelona in Spain where it made a quick splash among many of the attendees. While LG has introduced it to the public, it has not yet provided details on when it will be available in the market. Just try to keep your fingers crossed for LG to make it happen.

Image Source: Tech Crunch

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