How to Wipe Personal Data from Cell Phones

Windows mobile phone

Identity theft, phishing, and other similar attacks that exploit personal account information are a threat when you use your credit cards, set up an e-mail account, or shop online. You can also be a victim of such scams when you discard your mobile device without completely wiping personal data off it. If you are using a Windows Mobile phone, and are planning to sell it, make sure that you delete all personal data. Here’s how:

Your IT department can wipe it remotely if your mobile phone was managed using your office’s Exchange server. But if the device is not a work-issued phone, you will have to do it by yourself. First, you have to reinstall the device’s operating system. Make sure that you install the same operating system version your phone is currently using. This is to avoid making the buyer angry over a bricked device.

Go to your Windows Mobile phone’s manufacturer’s website for instructions on how to reinstall the operating system. You may want to buy a third-party tool for added security. Sprite Terminator can delete personal information from Windows Mobile phones. This application (which costs $15) can also remotely wipe off your personal account if the device is stolen or lost. Lastly, you should remove the SIM card, if your phone has one.

Image Source: Popular Mechanics 

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