How to Make Plant Care Fun Again With The Little Green Planet

levitating plant

levitating plantSome people are just not into caring for plants at home. You do not see them trying to fill their homes with different greenery as ideal interior decor. But most of all, some people just do not want the responsibility of caring for them. But there are also other people that will care for plants not because they are inclined to, but because it is cool. And if the cool factor will convince you to care for plants at home, then the Little Green Planet levitating plant can be as cool as it can get.

The Little Green Planet is a unique way to care for a small plant at home. This goes to show that an ingenious idea can add some cool factor to caring for plants and take it to another level. How so? Well, you may now be able to have a plant magically floating in the air, making it look like it is a little green planet on its own, hence the name. The Little Green Planet is made up of a floating plant holder top and a power base. The floating top is made of special foam that can soak up water to help the plant grow easily. There is a hole on top where you can place any type of plant that fits. It also comes with a magnet that allows it to float on top the power base or even be used creatively as a kitchen magnet.

When you place the floating top above the power base, you will see the top hovering above the base as if it is levitating and spinning as a little planet. It makes quite an interesting table decor that becomes an instant conversation piece. It can also help people get started on caring for plants once they see the beauty of it. The Little Green Planet levitating plant is currently on a Kickstarter campaign. Interested parties can get the small set for 60 Euros or around $66.

Image Source: Kickstarter

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