How To Ensure Your Kid’s Safety With The dokiWatch

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kids smartwatchParents just cannot seem to leave their kids alone. As they grow, most parents will have this urge to always checking on their kids. Although parents have the best intentions in mind, it can make some kids feel overprotected to the point of frustration. There are other ways that parents can still keep in close contact with their kids when they are apart without having to get on the nerves of their kids. This dokiWatch Smartwatch is just one high tech option.

The dokiWatch is a smartwatch designed for kids. No, it is not just a toy watch that kids can enjoy playing. It comes with advanced features that both kids and parents will appreciate. This smartwatch comes with a fitness and location tracker that will enable kids to keep track of their physical activity and for parents to monitor their child’s location. The dokiWatch is also a 3G-enabled smartwatch and wearable phone that kids can use for communicating with parents as the need arises.

This advanced smartwatch can do voice and video calls as well as one-way text messaging. The smartwatch comes with a preset list of contact numbers that kids can call. The dokiWatch also allows kids and parents to send voice messages to each other. A separate contact list can also be set by parents to include the child’s friends.

The dokiWatch also comes with several safety features. There is an Emergency SOS button that kids can use when they need it the most. It will then send out alert notifications to all preset contacts when pressed for 3 seconds. It will then automatically record a 60-second voice clip of a child’s voice and will be automatically sent to the preset contacts as well. The smartwatch will also be sending location data of the child every 60- seconds to the preset contacts until the emergency is cancelled.

Other security features that come with the dokiWatch include setting AlertAreas, parental controls as well as a smart locator that makes use of GPS, GSM and WiFi technology for a more accurate locating system. And since it is a kid’s smartwatch, it also comes with fun features such as taking care of a virtual pet, collecting stickers and achievement badges, and sending out emoji messages to friends and family.

The dokiWatch is not your typical kid’s smartwatch. It is more advanced and more useful than any other kid’s smartwatch in the market today. The makers of the dokiWatch are currently conducting a crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo. Interested parents can pre-order one at the website for an early bird pledge of $149, quite a deal when this smartwatch is expected to retail for $179 once it comes out. Expected delivery of the first batch is slated sometime in July of this year.

Image Source: Indiegogo


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