How To Benefit From Using The Seagate Inno8

8TB USB powered hard drive

8TB USB powered hard driveHow To Benefit From Using The Seagate Inno8 With many devices adapting a universal connection for different peripherals, some gadgets become easier to use as well as integrate into other compatible devices. Take computers for example. Many peripherals or devices inside it usually requires a connection to a power source. Aside from using more electricity, it can also affect how these devices work smoothly together. But when everything follows a universal connection, compatibility and efficiency issues are reduced. That is why this new Seagate Inno8 hard drive may be a good choice.

World’s First USB-Powered Hard Drive
The new Seagate Inno8 is considered to be the first USB-powered hard drive for computers. You no longer have to connect it to a power source in order for it to function. It takes advantage of the advancements of USB 3.1 technology as well as an 8TB storage capacity. It also benefits from Seagate’s Ignition Boost Technology that makes it efficiently function via its USB connection. It well balanced aluminum enclosure also enables it to function either in a vertical or a horizontal position. The new Seagate Inno8 USB-powered hard drive is set ot be available this month at selected Seagate retailers for $349.

Image Source: Seagate 

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