How The New And Unique JIC iPhone Case Can Make Your Day

just in case for iphone

just in case for iphoneHow many times have you wished of recording a phone conversation when you needed to? It may be call from a loved one that you wish to record and listen to again and again. It may be a long winding and yawn-inducing conference call that you need to go over one more time. You may have wished to record your conversation with your boss about a vacation that he may have forgotten. If you frequently encounter such situations, then you might need this JIC iPhone Case.

The JIC iPhone Case is not just any ordinary protective casing for your smartphone. JIC, which stands for “Just In Case” serves its purpose of always being on standby when you need it. Its main selling point is that it can allow you to record any conversation you have on your iPhone. All you need to do is push the record button at the back of the case and it will start recording your phone conversations. Once you stop recording, the conversation will be played back to you.

You can also use the JIC as a personal recorder when you wish to just record an idea or thought immediately, even without a phone conversation. It comes with a built-in 2GB MicroSD card to store the recordings without affecting your phones internal memory. Its built-in battery provides up to 8 hours of recording time. Since users have instant access with just a push of a button to record conversations, it becomes a convenient feature that not all iPhone users have. The makers of the JIC iPhone Case is currently conducting a crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo. A $39 pledge will get you one to try out before it becomes available for retail. Estimated delivery for early adopters is on May of this year.

Image Source: Indiegogo

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