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Hover XPeople who work using a laptop or computer most of the time are quite masters at multi-tasking. Once they have tried doing several tasks at a time, they just cannot seem to feel the challenge doing things a task at a time. While checking out work from their laptops, they can also monitor other things using their smartphone or tablet. People have grown accustomed into using their different devices at the same time. It will certainly help if there is a way they can access and do all these tasks from the comfort of a couch. This is where the Hover X LapDesk comes in.

The Hover X LapDesk, is simple and yet quite a useful tool for people who always multi-task using different devices at the same time. Mainly designed for gamers who yearn for a way to enjoy playing their computer games from the comfort of a couch without affecting their level of play, this interesting lapdesk can also be used by people at work.

Made out of bamboo, the Hover X LapDesk features a heat vent that helps dissipate the warm air coming from the laptop, a built-in mouse pad that provides enough space to navigate the device , and a mobile device dock. It is a complete desk that you can place in your lap. This set up makes it quite convenient to use since it allows you to sit comfortably on a couch while playing your favorite computer game or doing some important task from your laptop without having to deal with common issues such as misplaced peripherals, uneven work surface or even a heated lap as a result of dissipated heat from a laptop.

Made from premium bamboo, the Hover X is light and sturdy. It offers a higher level of comfort for users who prefer working while seated on a couch instead of a computer chair. The Hover X LapDesk comes in two sizes- one for 13″ to 15″ laptops and another for a 17″ laptop. The Hover X is available at iSkelter for $98 and $109, respectively.

Image Source: iSkelter

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