Hourglass Desk Clock

Hourglass Desk ClockWatching the clock is a habit for many people who always value time. Sometimes, it is just a way to wait for the time to get out of the office. Some even make it into a game of sorts trying to get out at the soonest possible time. It is not always the best way of valuing time, but it is fun for some people. If you have grown tired of often glancing at the usual wall clock at the office to know the time, then this Hourglass Desk Clock may help change things a bit.

The Hourglass Desk Clock is a unique take on the classic hourglass. It is designed as one. But it features the usual numbers to tell the time instead of falling sand. The hours are displayed at the bottom portion of the hourglass while the minutes are displayed at the upper portion of the device. The numbers rotate and lines up with the red marking line that traverses the Hourglass Desk Clock. It offers a unique take on a traditional device used to measure time. You will surely get a kick out of it as you watch your hours go by until break time. The Hourglass Desk Clock is available at Sky Mall for $56.

Image Source: Sky Mall

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