Hottips! All-in-One Charger

Hottips All in One Charger

With many electronic gadgets around nowadays, it would certainly be quite a hassle to have multiple chargers to bring along every time. Having a single charger that can charge a number of gadgets would truly be a godsend for many people. That is what Hottips! All In One charger tries to provide.

The Hottips! All In One Charger is quite a handy device especially for travelers to bring along. It can be used to charge your iPod or iPhone even while you’re going places. This compact and handy charger has a 12V lighter connection that will allow you to charge your portable gadget from your car. It also has a retractable 110-240V wall plug when you wish to charge your gadget from the hotel or airport.

The Hottips! All In One charger also comes equipped with a USB attachment that can be used for charging the more common USB equipped devices today. The company also sells separate adapter tips for almost all types of common and popular gadget brands today. It is quite a handy charger to have around without the hassle of bringing along separate chargers for all your favorite portable gadgets.

Image Source: Hottips!

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