Hotelier’s Rechargeable Sweeper

Cleaning the home may be harder if not for the new tech tools that are now available today. Even business establishments like restaurants and other stores have taken advantage of them to make their daily cleaning convenient. One of the tools that you can add into your list of modern cleaning gadgets is the Hotelier’s Rechargeable Sweeper.

The Hotelier’s Rechargeable Sweeper is a handy device that you use to replace your broom and dust pan. Now, all you need is a single device that will do the task more efficiently and more convenient for you as well. It is so convenient to use that restaurants and even hotel chains have been using them in their establishments, hence the name of the device.

The Hotelier’s Rechargeable Sweeper comes with a battery driven agitator brush that loosens the dirt and dust in its cleaning path. Its geared belt  drive also works well when used in carpets as well as smooth surfaces. These are all driven by a powerful 12-volt motor that also sweeps the debris away into a large 17-oz. dust bin that comes with the device.

The Hotelier’s Rechargeable Sweeper is a good device to have if you wish to follow up on what your vacuuming may have missed. Its lightweight construction makes it very easy to use when sweeping debris. A telescopic handle makes it also ideal for use by people of different heights. A full 10-hour charge of its batteries can do up to 90 hours of operation. The Hotelier’s Rechargeable Sweeper is available at Hammacher Schlemmer for US$130.

Image Source: Hammacher Schlemmer

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