Hot Wheels Stealth Rides: They Fold!

Hot Wheels Stealth Rides from Mattel

Toy superpower Mattel unveils the latest Hot Wheels to hit the shelves in 2010 and they are the first of its kind.  The Stealth Rides are actually flat, but push a button and they pop out into remote-control, pocket-sized vehicles!

These folding toy cars are about the size of a credit card and about as slim as a mobile phone when flat.  Once they turn into actual vehicles, they are just as small as the usual Hot Wheels.  They come with a plastic case that serves as a carrying case and remote control. 

The Stealth Rides come in five different models, including two cars, two tanks, and a "Batmobile Tumbler" that Mattel will debut in February in the Toy Fair in New York.

The Hot Wheels Stealth Rides will be available in August 2010, costing about US$25 per vehicle, cheaper than the usual remote control cars!

Image source:  CNN

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