Horizon MiniPak Personal Fuel Cell Charger Now Available

With all that gadgets we carry around these days, some of us may feel “naked” if one or two devices lose battery power. However, carry all those chargers seems impractical, especially for those who do not walk around with a carrying case of sorts.

And while there are universal portable power chargers available, these are not really “universal” in the truest sense. This is what Horizon would like to disprove with its MiniPak personal fuel cell charger, as it enables to charge-up any electronic device that require up to 3W of power. Such devices include cellphones, smartphones, gaming devices, GPS, small lighting devices, and MP3 players.

The MiniPak combines a passive air-breathing fuel cell and a solid-state hydrogen storage unit. This pack includes a multi-choice cable, making it compatible to many types of ports The MiniPak is ideal for those who are on-the-go with their power-hungry gadgets or when situated in a place where charging from a wall outlet is impossible.

The Horizon MiniPak universal portable power charger is now available for only US$99.

Source: Engadget

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