Horizon HydroFILL Home Hydrogen Station

Hydrogen fuel cells may seem to become useful only sometime in the near future. Most people might think that it might not be of practical use at present. But Horizon, a company engaged in making hydrogen fuel cells a common household item, will try to further the cause with introducing the HydroFILL Home Hydrogen Station.

The Horizon HydroFILL is essentially a small-scale hydrogen station that produces its own hydrogen just by adding tap water into the device. Users can then just plug the device into a wall socket for it to create hydrogen from the water. But then, the HydroFILL may require Horizon’s battery-like HydroSTIKs attached to it to make use of the converted hydrogen. The HydroSTIK’s in turn, can be placed into the Horizon MiniPak to deliver power to your devices via a USB port. In short, you might need the HydroSTIK and the MiniPak in order to make use of the HydroFILL. If you are interested in hydrogen technology and want to try it out, Horizon may be shipping the HydroFILL Home Hydrogen Station on August 9. It is currently available for pre-orders if you have US$500 to spare, not including buying the HydroSTIK and the MiniPak.

Image Source: Horizon

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