Horizon app eliminates the dreaded vertical videos

Horizon app

Horizon app

Nothing can arguably be more annoying that people who record videos with their smartphones on a vertical position. It results to a phenomenon known as the “vertical video”, where wide margins appear on the sides of the clip if you decide to upload them on YouTube or other video-sharing services.

Vertical videos are the worst because it wastes a lot of screen realty, way more than a widescreen video on standard aspect ratio. But for those who insist on recording their videos vertically, like with most problems in this world, there is an app for that.

The $0.99 Horizon app, which is now availble on the App Store, removes that wasteful black space as it automatically crops every video being recorded from the app into landscape mode, regardless of the phone’s angle. (Sadly, it won’t fix vertical videos recorded in other apps.)

Horizon app

Horizon makes use of your iOS device’s gyroscope to level your videos while you shoot. Videos shot in portrait mode are cropped and turned into landscape mode, which results to a slightly-zoomed in shots. You can change your phone’s angle during filming, with little effect on the shot.

The Horizon app also offers a number of other options, such as Instagram-like filters, as well as adjusting the video’s resolutions and aspect ratios.

Source: Mashable

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