Hori PS3 Slim Docking Station

Ever wanted to play on your PS3 while on the road? Hori introduces its portable LCD that can be attached on top of a PS3 Slim. Talk about portability!

Formally called a “PS3 Slim Docking Station,” the Hori HP3-87 allows users to play games everywhere they go. The 11.6-inch screen has 720p quality and 1,366 x 768 resolution, 200cd/m2 brightness, 500:1 contrast ratio, and 7ms response time. Optional accessories include a built-in stereo speaker, two headphone jacks, and component interfaces.

The Hori HP3-87 will be marketed in Japan beginning May 27 for US$280. We are not sure whether it will be sold internationally, but it can switch between NTSC and PAL formats for those who are interested to buy it from import sites.

Source: CrunchGear

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