Hoover Handheld Disinfectant Steam Cleaner

When it comes to home sanitation, many home owners can’t seem to get their personal abodes ever clean enough. Some might still worry about the hidden germs that may be lurking out and about in the home, even after a round of vacuuming and intense cleaning. What may be more important in this case is the proper home disinfection to kill the germs. What other home appliance may be more effective in doing this than the new Handheld Disinfectant Steam Cleaner from Hoover.

The Hoover Enhanced Clean Handheld Disinfectant Steam Cleaner features a new method in trying to disinfect many areas of your home more effectively. This unique handheld steam cleaner emits a stream of disinfectant and steam that can effectively kill 99 percent of harmful bacteria and viruses. The handheld steam cleaner makes use of a 100 percent vegetable-based non-toxic cleaning solution, making it safe to use in kitchen countertops as well as in areas where kids and pets play.

The device can heat up to emit steam at a temperature of up to 203 degrees Fahrenheit, hot enough to kill molds and germs and even remove dirt and grime from kitchen and bathroom surfaces. It can also be used to emit steam and disinfectant together or separately. This unique Handheld Disinfectant Steam Cleaner is available at Hoover for US$100.

Image Source: Hoover

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