The Hoopster’s Free Throw Mug

The Hoopster's Free Throw MugPlaying with your food is not good. But hey, sometimes some people just cannot help it. Some people just get bored with nothing to do that they try to find something to kill the time. Sometimes they just want to have some bit of fun. Playing with their food is sometimes just the option they have available. Just as long as you do not mess up with other people, it can be fine. And if you really do want to do something fun with your food for a change, why not try this Hoopster’s Free Throw Mug the next time you have a cup of chocolate on a cold day or night?

The Hoopster’s Free Throw Mug is a unique kiln-dried hand-painted ceramic mug fixed with its own miniature basketball hoop. This oversized mug designed to look like a half-shaped basketball will allow you to practice your free throw or miniaturized long distance shooting. You can use a marshmallow or cereals for balls. Try to toss it up into the miniature hoop. Dunk it into your hot chocolate before you drink it. You can even make up your own contest with a friend shooting hoops on your Hoopster’s Free Throw Mug.

And if you must know, the Hoopster’s Free Throw Mug was invented by an 8-year old young entrepreneur as a project. It was created for some good clean fun with food. The Hoopster’s Free Throw Mug is available at Hammacher Schlemmer for $25.

Image Source: Hammacher Schlemmer

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