HoodieBuddies With Built-in Earbuds

Ever had problems with those earbud wires that continually bother you when you use them? The wires seem to tangle just about every time. It can be quite an inconvenience and its about time that some company makes an alternative for it. It so happens that one possible solution might be changing into a unique hoodie called a HoodieBuddie.

A HoodieBuddie looks just like any typical hoodie but with a twist- it has built-in earphones connected with the hoodie drawstrings. You can directly connect your mp3 player or mobile phone into these built-in earphones via an earphone jack located inside the front right pocket. You never be bothered by or have to deal with problematic tangled earphone wires ever again. The built-in earphones themselves are machine washable so you do not have to worry about using them often as you like. HoodieBuddies is set to be available in July and may be expected to cost around US$44, quite an affordable enough alternative for tangled wires.

Image Source: HoodieBuddie

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