Honda EV-neo Electric Scooter

With many devices and gadgets now “going green”, this development move has never been more obvious and noticeable than in the transportation sector. Many car manufacturers are trying to design and build greener and more efficient modes of transportation that may help save up on fuel, minimize pollution and more earth-friendly. Such efforts are more popular in Japan where makers are coming up with innovative green machines like an electric scooter.

Electric scooters may not be anything new nowadays, but Honda is about to introduce its own version with its EV-neo electric scooter. The Honda EV-neo may look like an ordinary scooter. But what makes it unique is that it runs on electricity equipped with its own lithium-ion battery and a brushless motor. It is even made more convenient since the batteries of the EV-neo can simply be charged using any household electrical outlet. There is no need for establishing special charging facilities for the Honda EV-neo scooter.

The Honda EV-neo is still considered as a prototype. But the company is planning on testing it out by leasing it to Japanese businesses that provide delivery services. Lease sales is targeted for December of this year. There is no news yet on how much this unique electric scooter would cost.

Image Source: Honda

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