HomeDock HD for iPod

For people looking for new ways to use their dependable iPods, here is another accessory that would make it even more appealing. The HomeDock HD from DLO will allow your iPod to get connected with any HDTV. The HomeDock HD allows you to surf and enjoy your favorite video content stored in your iPod and view it on an HDTV screen offering the highest picture quality available.

The HomeDock HD provides better high definition video output coming from an HDMI port that is built in to the gadgets dock. Not only that, the HomeDock HD also allows users to make use of TV based navigation of the music, videos and photos contained on their iPod. Users can make use of the remote control that comes with the HomeDock HD that can work within 100 feet.

HomeDock HD iPod

Image Source: www.dlo.com

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