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Health is always important for people to keep track and monitor regularly. It is even more important as one gets on with age. One of the important health factors to constantly monitor is one’s heart. It is always comforting to have the means to monitor your heart rate conveniently to help you determine if you need to seek medical attention even before anything serious happens. The Home HeartCheck device can be such a gadget to have around.

The Home HeartCheck is a handy device that will enable you to keep track of what is going on with your heart. This little device can take your heart rate readings right in your home. It can also make ECG recordings that you can upload and send to your physician if you have a computer. This is a handy and convenient tool that you can use to monitor your heart rate and whether it is beating regular, slow or rapid.

The Home HeartCheck is a portable way to keep track of your heartbeat in case you suddenly feel some symptoms associated with your heart problems. Whenever you begin to feel dizzy, shortness of breath, palpitations and others, you can immediately take a reading using this device that you can also send in to your doctor later to determine if there are serious problems.

The Home HeartCheck is easy to use. Users only need to power the device on and put their thumbs on the silver pads at either end of the device, then press start. In around 30 seconds, you will be able to get a reading of your heart. The device is able to store up to 30 heart rhythms, with the results easily uploaded and sent to your doctor. The Home HeartCheck is not designed to be a substitute for regular consultations with your doctor or for personal diagnosis. Expert medical assessment is still very important. The Home HeartCheck is just a tool to help out keep records of your heartbeat and heart rate at a certain period to aid physicians with making their diagnosis regarding your possible heart condition. The Home HeartCheck is available at First Street Online for US$279.

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