Hollandia i-Con Bed

There are people who just can’t stop thinking about their gadgets and the wonders of technology. Some people just can’t stop breathing and eating technology day in and day out. Now it may be even possible for such people to sleep in technology, courtesy of the Hollandia i-Con Bed.

The Hollandia i-Con Bed may be the bed of choice for those who just can’t part with their apple iPad. This special bed is designed with using the iPad in mind. Not only does this bed contain 2 built-in iPad docks, it also comes with its own 4 built-in speakers and a 250 watt amplifier to power them. With these features, the Hollandia i-Con Bed does not come cheap. This special set comes to the tune of around US$20,000 for the bed frame and mattresses. iPad lovers with money to burn can check this bed out at Hollandia.

Image Source: Hollandia

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