Hohrizontal 51 iPod Dock Shelf

A lot of iPod docks and accessories have cropped up recently. Most of them offers the same features as the others and with something extra now and then. Most are also designed for visual appeal. Only a certain few are being made to extend added functional appeal.

Take, for instance the Hohrizontal 51 iPod Dock. Not a lot of iPod docks are designed quite like it. Whereas most designs try to highlight its common features, this one seems to try and subdue it for a reason. In this case, the Hohrizontal 51 iPod Dock not only functions as an iPod sound system, it also acts as a convenient wall shelf.

The Hohrizontal 51 look unique in that it doesn’t look like a typical iPod dock but rather looks more like an ordinary wooden wall shelf. Its features is typically integrated inside this unique shelf for the main purpose of remaining hidden. There are a number of consumers who may want such devices in their homes. As an iPod sound system, it works quite well with a 25WPC amplifier as well as inputs for portable music players as well as TV and PC. The Hohrizontal 51 iPod Dock is available at Hohrizontal 51 and may sell for US$664.

Image Source: Hohrizontal 51

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